Care instructions


All garments purchased through Merle Noir include a note with washing instructions for your convenience, incase you have lost this card please follow the instructions below to ensure your garmens will stay as beautiful as when you received them.

We highly recommend hand washing silks or bringing them to a dry cleaner. Giving your silk garments the proper care will ensure a longer and lustrous life.

Hand washing
We highly recommend you to wash all silk garments by hand,
If you use hard water please add a spoon of borax to the water first.
Use lukewarm water and mild non-alkaline soap or baby shampoo.
Please do not soak the silk for more then a few minutes.
While rinsing add a few table spoons of distilled white vinegar to the water to neutralize alkaline traces and to dissolve soap residue.
We highly recommend against using any harsh detergents containing bleach or brighteners.
Using a substance that contains alcohol will damage silk fabrics such as perfume and hairspray.

Machine washing
If you feel uncomfortable washing your garments by hand it is possible to machine wash them even though we highly recommend to hand wash to preserve the quality of the garments.
Incase of machine washing please use delicate cycle and mild detergent such as Woolite.
Do not use detergents containing enzymes and brighteners.
Use the shortest spin cycle and do not centrifuge your garments.
If you wash several products please ensure they are the same color and that your lingerie is put into a mesh/lingerie bag for extra protection.

Silk drying
Always hang your garments the silk will retain its original shape
All fine fibres should be kept away from sunlight this could possibly fade the colors or cause damage to the silk fibres. It is possible silk will turn yellow if exposed to direct sunlight or placed onto a radiator.
We highly recommend against using a wooden drying rack as this could leave stains on your garments.
We recommend against using a dryer as the excessive temperature and friction will damage the silk.
Do not wring twist or roll the garments in a towel to extract water this will damage your garment.

Cleaning Silk
Incase the garment is wrinkeled after washing please first hang it to dry overnight.
Wrinkles can be removed with an iron when set on “silk” please always ensure your iron is clean and set to this temperature.
Please do not wet the silk while ironing this will cause stains.
Steaming your garments is possible with a professional steamer or by placing them in a humid environment such as a bathroom which will also remove wrinkles
If your garments might have been stained please contact a dry cleaner never use chlorine and bleach as it will damage the silk

Silk care
When traveling please pack your garments in a seperate bag so they cannot be damaged by other garments in your luggage. After unpacking your suitcase hanging the garment out will take care of small wrinkles. If this is not sufficient hang your garments in the bathroom so it is exposed to humidity and let them dry.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other inquiries regarding the care for your items we will be more than happy to assist you.