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 The  Designer

Merle Noir is known for her emphasis on the delicate female silhouette, and her impeccable dedication to an exquisite fit for each of her unique pieces.

Initiating her studies at the Artemis Fashion Academy in The Netherlands at age 15, Merle Noir acquired her Bachelors degree before progressing to study the art of Couture at the Master Tailor Institute, and specializing as a pattern maker with Müller & Sohn in Germany. After gaining astute experience at international couture houses, including Viktor & Rolf and The Dutch National Ballet, Merle Noir's skill for lingerie craftsmanship and design culminated in the creation of her own label.

Designing and creating pieces from her Amsterdam atelier, Merle Noir utilizes elegant and subtle silhouettes to enhance the intricate details of laces from France and Italian silks. As homage to her home in the Dutch flower fields, luxuriant pieces are composed of floral patterns, radiating a romantically nostalgic essence.

Merle Noir lingerie transcends confinement and is to be indulged for every moment, from the daily wardrobe to sophisticated evening occasions.